BOSTON, MA – January 24, 2017 – XebiaLabs, a recognized leader in DevOps and Continuous Delivery software, today announced that it has completed the year 2016 with triple-digit growth. XebiaLabs is the only Enterprise DevOps vendor focused one hundred percent on Continuous Delivery, with its Application Release Automation (ARA) tools helping large companies accelerate software delivery and reduce risk. 

The company’s 2016 revenues were bolstered by accelerated product innovation and the addition of dozens of marquee clients to an already broad roster of global enterprise customers. This success was underscored by leading industry analysts, who rank the company as a top vendor for the quality of its products and strategic vision. 

According to XebiaLabs CEO, Derek Langone, “In 2016, there was a meaningful increase in the number of large enterprises that recognized the need for—and the competitive advantage of—accelerated software delivery. As software has become the primary way that enterprises interact with their own customers, the need to deliver innovation, value and high quality user experience has become fundamental to a company’s potential to compete in its respective market. XebiaLabs lives at this convergence of software and business. We are excited that our focus on both business and technical value has translated into many new client relationships and the respect of industry influencers.” 

2016 Highlights:

Application Release Automation at the Heart of DevOps Success 
Enterprises are recognizing the benefits of DevOps for improving the competitiveness of their products and services. Application Release Automation has emerged as central to successful DevOps implementations across an enterprise, enabling companies to automate, analyze and control the entire software delivery process across widely varied IT landscapes. ARA helps companies ensure that high quality software is always ready for delivery into fast-paced markets. 

As ARA has become essential for DevOps success at the enterprise level, XebiaLabs has been a top driver in the ARA space, experiencing enormous advancements in the areas of customer adoption and growth, industry recognition, product innovation, office and staff expansion and more. 

Customer Adoption and Growth
New business grew across all sales regions, resulting in triple-digit year-over-year growth. Adoption of the XebiaLabs DevOps platform was particularly strong in the financial services, insurance, telco, technology and retail sectors with customers such as Lloyds, HBO, Xerox, Orange, Express Scripts, NCR and Aviva. 

Top-Ranked by Leading Industry Analysts
In 2016, top industry analysts recognized XebiaLabs as a front runner in the Continuous Delivery/ARA space. Gartner, Inc. placed XebiaLabs in the “Leaders” quadrant in its “Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation,” while Forrester ranked the company highest in the Strategy category in its “Forrester Wave™: Application Release Automation, Q3 2016” report. 

Product Innovation in Application Release Automation
Throughout the year, XebiaLabs introduced a string of new product releases that helped drive the company’s triple-digit growth. Key product advancements include a customizable reporting and analytics dashboard that delivers never-before-available insights about the ARA process, such as release progress, potential risk and compliance status; enhanced productivity features for teams doing large-scale deployments; new DevOps tool integrations for Kubernetes, Docker Compose, Docker, Ansible and others; advanced release orchestration capabilities, including powerful dependency management, multi-functional Release Folders and flexible Release Tags; and automatic provisioning of cloud environments as part of deployment. 

Office and Staff Expansion
The XebiaLabs team grew significantly in research and development, sales, customer support, product management, and marketing, which spurred the expansion of its global headquarters in Burlington, MA and its European headquarters in Hilversum, the Netherlands. 

Popular DevOps Resources 
XebiaLabs released a major update of its highly popular “Periodic Table of DevOps,” a free, industry recognized DevOps landscape tool that is a go-to reference for understanding the complex and fast-moving DevOps market. It also introduced its “DevOps Diagram Generator,” which allows users to dynamically map all their DevOps tools across the pipeline to better understand how they relate to each other.

Thought Leadership
Industry thought leaders Gene Kim and Gary Gruver, along with several XebiaLabs customers, such as GE and Societe Generale, participated in numerous XebiaLabs presentations and webinars. The XebiaLabs Global DevOps Leadership Summit, a sold-out event, featured industry thought leaders and authors Dave Farley and Andrew Phillips, as well as DevOps experts from companies such as ING, KPN, NJM Insurance Group, Rabobank, Dutch Ministry of Education, Stater and Wirecard.

Source: XebiaLabs Press Release