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Quality Software Delivery

Large parts of the organizations budgets are used for IT; cost reduction or making more effective use of these budgets is high on the management agenda. So, it is more important than ever to deliver the desired value, and technology should never stand in the way of doing so. Therefore, the software delivery process needs improvement in quality, which includes people, processes, and technology.

Better - Faster - Efficiënt

How do you deliver the best business value and reduce costs? Our goal is to kickstart sustainable improvements that lead to the fast and effective delivery of quality software. 

We take a multi-angle approach to reveal the underlying reasons for challenges concerning overall performance, the stability of your platform, test automation, team collaboration, security, and quality. We analyse bottlenecks, help set up high performing teams, and share our knowledge of methodologies (BDD, TDD), Domain-Driven Design, software architecture, CI/CD, code quality, and technical processes. 

Sharing knowledge enhances growth. That's why we also teach over 400 professionals each year on how to create value, contribute better to the goals of their organization and see the quality of their software significantly improved.

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Quality Software Delivery

Our Quality Software Delivery Services are Globally operated by Xebia and by Qxperts, Proudly part of Xebia.

Our focus on system optimization makes it possible to speed up your IT delivery process for more reliable and faster delivery.

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In an ideal world, business and IT work together seamlessly to accelerate time to market and improve customer value. In reality, day-to-day processes are not aligned with IT, and IT cannot keep up with business demands. So, it is about time that teams and technology are optimized. Still, providing the right value at the right speed and the right quality can be challenging for every business, from start-up to corporate. Xebia Quality Software Delivery can help you to create this ideal world.

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