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Your Home Office

Although you are welcome to work at the office again, there will be days that you are working from home as well. We therefore want to help you purchase comfy office furniture in order to install a great home office! 

It's your home office, forever!

How you decorate your home office and where you purchase those items is totally up to you. The things you buy are and will remain your property, even when you leave Xebia.

  • Are you joining Xebia in 2022? You can expense your home office items to a maximum of EUR 750 incl VAT. We’ll subtract this amount from your gross salary before tax. Your payroll tax percentage is your discount, so you pay considerably less net. So bottom line, you’re paying a lot less.
  • Have you joined Xebia before 2022 and did you use all of the budget? Unfortunately it is no longer possible to use the home office budget. Devices (with a plug) for your home office can be purchased from the laptop and mobile phone budget, as of April 1st. 
  • Have you joined Xebia before 2022 and did not (fully) use the budget? Please contact your BUM and to check wheter it is possible to declare the item you would like to purchase.

Employee discount on your home office

If you love Xebia's furniture, order it for your home office too at a 30% discount. Visit Eurodesk ( to check out the complete collection. To order items at a discount, you'll need to create an account using your Xebia email address and our discount code: XEBIA30TWP

You can have the items delivered to your house or pick them up at Xebia Hilversum, Xebia Amsterdam, or Eurodesk in Utrecht.


Contact details Eurodesk

If you have any questions about your order, contact Eurodesk directly at +31 302 33 33 23 /


What can I use Xebia's home office budget for?

  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Laptop support
  • Ergonomic workstation advice

If you would like to claim something that is not on this list, please email in advance to discuss whether this is possible.


Step-by-step: expense claim in X3

  • Open X3.
  • File the expense claim under "other personnel expenses" and add "purchase home office" to the description.
  • We'll subtract the total amount from your gross salary before tax.
  • To divide the expense claim over three months, send an email to:
  • Please note, items must be purchased and expensed before the end of 2022.


What should I keep in mind when creating a home office?

Carefully consider the ergonomic aspects of your workstation. It's great that your office checks all the interior design boxes, but frankly, we are more concerned about your back!

If Xebia's physician advised you to make adjustments to your workstation, please contact HR. The cost of purchasing certain items may not be (fully) covered by this plan.