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Day 3

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We introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices to continuously transform ways of working across the enterprise.

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For the Gadget-Geeks



Flexible laptop and mobile phone budget

Hey gadget lovers— pay attention! We’re reshaping the laptop and phone budget to better fit your needs. As of April 1, 2022 (we need some time to set it all up), the budgets will be combined and more flexible. Why? Because we’ve seen that purchasing the latest cellphone model often requires a substantial personal contribution on your part, while part of your laptop budget often remains unused. So, by merging the budgets, we hope to prevent you from having to pay a contribution. You’ve also expressed the wish to make the scheme broader and more flexible, so we came up with the following solution:

Upon commencement of employment, new colleagues will choose a budget of either €3,120, excluding VAT (depreciation laptop + accessories 2 years), or €3,900, excluding VAT (depreciation laptop + accessories 2.5 years). This amount can be used to purchase a telephone, laptop, and accessories.
For our current employees, you’ll receive a starting budget based on a calculation of your past purchases. The starting budget will be visible April 1, 2022 (as we mentioned, we need some time to set this up). You’ve already chosen a depreciation period of 2 or 2.5 years, and this will remain unchanged. The starting budget during this transition will be capped at  €3,900, excluding VAT.
After purchasing your equipment you save €130 per month, excluding VAT. This “piggy bank” can be used flexibly. Do you keep your older items longer? Then you will have more budget to purchase new ones. You can also use it to make purchases between depreciation periods.  
We are expanding the scheme so that you can also use your budget to:
  • Repair your equipment, for example when your phone screen is broken. This was previously at your own expense.
  • Purchase devices (with a plug) for your home office, such as a screen, keyboard, webcam, headset, etc. This no longer needs to be settled gross-net (material remains the property of Xebia until takeover).
  • Purchase items that were previously not covered, for example, a phone case or iPad. Please note this budget is there to spend on items you need to do your job. Are you unsure whether a specific item falls under this scheme? Ask HR or IT in advance.


  • Buy as many items as possible in one purchase via ICT, so we can reclaim the VAT. For all small items that you buy in between, we can’t reclaim VAT, so the amount including VAT will be deducted from your budget.
  • Always purchase a laptop, telephone, iPad, and all items above €100, excluding VAT, via ICT. Small purchases (max €100, excluding VAT) in between can be submitted via an expense claim. Again, purchase as much as possible in one order so our financial administrators don’t go crazy dealing with dozens of different phone case and cord orders every month.
  • We work with smart and responsible people. We trust the budget will be spent wisely. You are responsible for always having the right equipment to do your job.

How do I take over my stuff?

  • The depreciation period and takeover scheme of the purchased items remain unchanged.
Phone + accessories: yours free of charge after 2 years of employment with either budget chosen.
Laptop + accessories up to a maximum of €2,500, excluding VAT, available to buy after 2 years, at 10% of the original purchase price.
Laptop + accessories above €2,500 excluding VAT: available to buy after 2.5 years, at 10% of the purchase price.
Do you want to purchase a new telephone or laptop from your saved budget early, before the applicable depreciation period? Then you have to take over your current items at the current book value at that time.
  • If you leave employment before your items have been fully depreciated and want to take them over sooner we apply a depreciation period of 5 years for the laptop and 2 years for the telephone and all accessories. You will pay the applicable book value. (Sorry, it’s the tax authority rules!) 


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