“Not only do we see that content is watched more often and longer, but the value of older content has also increased due to the recommenders that GoDataDriven developed.”

Erik van Heeswijk, Big Data Strategy Development, NPO

For over 60 years, the Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO), Public Broadcasting Organization, has been producing and broadcasting radio and television. Every week, NPO reaches 85% of the Dutch population, with a larger presence online. To provide relevant content for online viewers, NPO recently implemented several smart data applications.


Key Elements

  1. Personal broadcasts

  2. The right process for innovation

  3. Setting up the data platform in the cloud

  4. Developing use cases

  5. Understanding behavior through dashboards

  6. Setting the right KPI's

  7. Personal recommendations

  8. Transparent use of information


Download Case Study NPO


Download Case Study