Excellence is the new standard. During the digital transformation that companies are confronted with, excellence is the only element that makes a difference. We are all about excellence. How do we do that? Our company is not afraid to specialize.


Translated from the Dutch Financial Daily

Xebia started in 2001 and managed fast growth, now working with about 670 specialists in the domestic and international Xebia Group - all with a single mission: they are all are the very best in what they do. Daan Teunissen, founder of Xebia, and Max Mouwen, digital accelerator, help top 250 organizations in the Netherlands in all sectors to realize digitization of customer services and organizations with excellence. Xebia uses new commercial routes to leverage technology as the engine of change: data sciencefull stack developmentcloud transformation, agilecontinuous delivery, lean and DevOps. Teunissen says: “every cell of our organization is a specialist cell. This is the only way we can really walk our talk. And, believe me, our clients are desperately in need of such speed and excellence.”

Mouwen says “our companies in Xebia Group form a network of interconnected specialists. They focus on commercial development, IT development and they answer the question ‘how to organize that?’ to deliver an excellent result to the end customer. We love transferring our in-depth knowledge and experience to our clients to enable digital acceleration.”

Teunissen says “we are a collection of boutique companies that determine the company’s heart beat. Our value system is the foundation: people first, sharing knowledge, quality without compromise and customer intimacy. The specialists create a new route for organizations. Believe me when I say that we are about creating a sustainable route. We want to make an impact. We have done that at ING. We recently developed a new online presence for Wehkamp. We are committed to creating value for our clients. We build the future for these organizations”.

“In the markets today, more than even before, it is about excellence or exit”, says Mouwen. “The gap between the top and the average players seems to widen on a daily basis. Teunissen smiles: “And we aim to become the McKinsey of IT.”

Mouwen: “‘We are more than happy to help companies who really want to go for it. Moving means changing, sometimes with a dash of ‘no pain, no gain’. The challenge is to accept continuous change in today’s digitization process. It is crucial to increase the pace, to dare to make choices and establish commitment across all units of the organization. Those are the key requirements of turning digital transformation into success!

Translated from the Dutch Financial Daily. Click here to read the original post in Dutch.