Pragmatic Scaling

Organizations have adopted Agile. Their teams are performing quite well. The new challenge is to have teams cooperate and create a flow of value with the shortest sustainable lead time. This calls for a new operating model for the entire organization. This model is characterized by a customer centric product strategy, a performance oriented way of working, growing people, modern technology capabilities, an Agile culture and continuous improvement. Deliver what matters most to your customers. Continuously.

Xebia has a proven track record since 2008 in implementing Agile at scale in a broad range of organizations and industries. We help you create the scaling framework that suits your business and make it work through our services and training.


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Scaling Services

Our experts have a wide experience in applying Agile at scale. They help you define an operating model that works for you and they assist you in making it work in a sustainable way. What help do you need?

Scaling Training

We offer a wide variety of framework specific training. This helps your people understand the transformation and know what their new role and activities will be. Which training suits you best?

Scaling Frameworks

Scaling Frameworks help you in creating a new operating model for your organization. How do they differ?

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Bart Bouwers,
Business Agility Consultant and Trainer


Jari Meijer,
Business Agility Consultant and Trainer