How to target intelligent automation potential in your organization?

Older and complex IT landscapes are a challenge to optimize. Our robots have a high ease of integration, they work with your current applications and can be rapidly deployed. Freeing capacity for higher value work, creating happier teams.

But how to select the most suitable processes for automation? Check out our heatmap!

Automation Diagram
Finance & Accounting

• Collections Management
• Report aggregation
• Reconcilliation
• Invoice management
• Expenses

Human Resources

• Onboarding
• Time and Attendance
• Payroll management
• Employee management
• Data entry
• Learning & Development


• FTP download & backup
• Batch processing
• File management
• Application monitoring
• E-mail related tasks


• Documents & record management
• Customer Service support
• Workflow management
• Fraud detection

Supply Chain

• Inventory Management
• Work order management
• Return and refund processing
• Vendor onboarding

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We have developed digital workers in a wide range of departments over an even wider range of industries. The software robots can complete a full end-to-end process without any human attendance - faster, with higher quality and 24/7.