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Salesforce Cloud

Service Cloud: Be Involved, Offer Better Support

Create an infrastructure where customers are able to find what they need and where your business offers optimal support

Create an Infrastructure for Optimal Support with Service Cloud


Salesforce Service Cloud helps create an infrastructure where customers find answers to their support questions, and where your organization provides outstanding support.

Salesforce Service Cloud transforms customer service by simplifying support for customers and agents. With strong features like case management, knowledge base, and multi-channel integration, it allows quick and effective support through email, phone, chat, and social media.

Using artificial intelligence and analytics, the platform helps improve service, and guarantees customer happiness. Service Cloud is the perfect choice for businesses looking to boost their customer support and remain competitive.

Salesforce Service Cloud - 1

Boost Satisfaction,
Optimize Your Workflow

Expand your support with self-service features and an intelligent chatbot, where customers can often find solutions to their problems themselves.

This frees up time for providing more complex support that cannot be included in a service portal.

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Simplify Support with a
Strong Infrastructure

Through a single work environment with cloud telephony and artificial intelligence, you provide your employees with an infrastructure that enables them to deliver truly excellent support.

Integrated AI and routing rules ensure that issues reach the right person, who has immediate access to a complete customer overview and knowledge articles for reliable support.

More Features of Service Cloud

Omni-Channel Support

Use channels like chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, and more, so everyone can effortlessly reach you.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence to assign tasks to the appropriate team or individual and streamline your support department.

Self-Service Portals

Ensure customers get answers to their questions faster through self-service portals and AI chatbots that can assist them immediately.