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Fundraising for Salesforce

Improve the efficiency of fundraising efforts by eliminating manual data entry and simplifying reporting, so your organization can focus on core activities

Realize a 360º Insight of Your Donors and Increase Your Impact

Do you want to involve people and build lasting relationships with them, while simultaneously managing all associated communications and financials?

By utilizing Fundraising for Salesforce, you benefit from a unified platform to track and manage all of your data about donors, volunteers, fundraising, financials, and impact. From internal coordination and reporting, to constituent engagement, and customer journeys.

Fundraising for non-profits will become a breeze, allowing you to spend less time on administration and more time focusing on your core activities.

Enter the digital transformation era! And harness the power of cloud technology to connect with your relations like never before. The result? Faster and greater impact!

“Salesforce ensures that the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund and Ronald McDonald Houses can approach guests, sponsors, donors, and volunteers in a pleasant way from all locations.”
Ronald McDonald Children's Fund
Why this service?

The Benefits of Fundraising for Salesforce

Long-Term Relationships

Building long-term relationships with donors, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Better Data

Get insights into all data regarding donors and how one can get more out of this data.

Measure Impact

Get insights into the impact you make as a non-profit organization.
Customer story

LGBTQ+ Non-Profit Automates Admin with Salesforce

COC Netherlands increases donations and improves volunteer deployment using Salesforce to enhance relationships and manage projects

Customer story

CFYE Creates Jobs in the Middle East and Africa with Salesforce

Challenge Fund for Youth Employment has one big mission: creating employment for young people. To support this, they needed better Grant Management

Customer story

Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation  Unifies Processes with Salesforce

Every Ronald McDonald 'House' used its own software, from post-its to spreadsheets. The foundation realized it was time to streamline these processes

Customer story

Study Association Aureus Improves Results with Salesforce

Study Association Aureus realized they lacked the right systems to manage relations properly, and communication was a challenge

Customer story

Hersenstichting Automates Target Spending System with Salesforce

Hersenstichting ("Brains Foundation") was looking for a way to save time and standardize processes. Salesforce turned out the best solution to achieve their goal

Customer story

Stichting Vluchteling Replaces iFunds with Salesforce for Fundraising

The fundraising tool iFunds was deemed outdated for Stichting Vluchteling. Hence, they started looking for a new solution to manage fundraising

Customer story

Past Salesforce Implementation Future-Proofs Dutch Nonprofit for Celebrity Fundraiser

Het Vergeten Kind ("The Forgotten Child") technically primed for major donation surge — thanks to early digital transformation

Customer story

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds Overhauls CRM Platform

Foundation providing families with sick children temporary hospital housing consolidates its IT infrastructure for faster data management and better outreach

Customer story

Dutch Foundation Shines A Light on Recovery with New Platform

Vrienden van de Hoop, a foundation for addiction and mental health in the Netherlands, successfully upgrades its fundraising software and CRM to reach, and so help, more people

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Service Overview

How We Work

Read here more about the steps, requirements, deliverables and audience and determine whether this solution is for you.


We help determine the scope of your project, and work out the steps for a phased approach.

Activities can include:
  • Requirements workshops
  • Process workshops
  • Technical implementation
  • Data migration
  • Training


  • Articulated need, budget and timeframe
  • Support for the project across the organization
  • Access to the legacy systems for the purpose of data migration
  • Inventory of users, groups, mail applications, etc.


  • Gain a complete view of your constituents and your mission
  • Track and measure impact in real time
  • Unlock donor data and guide each constituent on their own personal journey, thereby raising more resources
  • Free energy for your mission and increase focus on impact, by having full accountability on your application process and requiring less time spent on administrative tasks
  • Create transparency for donors and other stakeholders


Non-profit fundraising organizations of any size.