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Digital Transformation at Schiphol

Maximize financial performance
Schiphol is one of the largest European hub airports. Due to aviation flattening, Schiphol's focus shifted from its core business to its commercial business: Retail, Horeca & Services, Parking, VIP, and Media. The airport asked Xebia to build a commercial vision and strategy, including digital capabilities, for maximum financial performance and sustainable viability.



Achieve sustainable viability


Shift focus from core business to commercial business


Build and execute a commercial vision, strategy, and roadmap

Vision, Strategy and Execution Power

First, we created a dedicated strategy team to connect the organization, the current situation, and the resulting gaps. We then translated the commercial vision into a detailed, practical business strategy and a prioritized roadmap for each business unit, integrated with all support units: Marketing, Customer Insights, and Operations.

Vision and strategy were created in alignment with Schiphol's corporate strategy, designed to deliver on high-over organizational goals. We clearly defined the digital capabilities that will support the strategy to accelerate execution.

Xebia's Team of Agile Consultants was responsible for transforming Schiphol's teams towards the Agile way of working. Together we made sure the vision and strategy were executed in a tailor-made way to establish optimal results.

The Results

Stressing the importance of vision and strategy and ensuring they were both crystal clear before execution gave Schiphol an excellent starting point - indispensable for a successful strategic transformation. The airport knew which activities to prioritize and the budget required for resources.

Digital Transformation

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