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XPRT. Magazine #16

Protecting Tomorrow: Infuse Innovation

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Protecting Tomorrow: Infuse Innovation, examines the rapid advancements in AI technology and its widespread adoption, focusing on the essential balance between innovation and security.

The magazine features a series of articles on the dual themes of protection and innovation. Topics range from enhancing security protocols in digital systems to integrating AI in software development and art generation. Experts discuss practical applications and the need for responsible AI usage, highlighting methods to safeguard against cyber threats and innovate responsibly. Additionally, it covers the latest technological updates, illustrating the challenges and opportunities presented by the fast-paced evolution of the tech industry. Each article is accompanied by a QR code for further learning, reflecting the magazine's commitment to keeping pace with technological progress.

  • OIDC-MockingYou - breaks down how developers can pretend to handle user authentication in apps, making testing simpler without compromising security.
  • Azure Container Apps - What You Should Know About It - is a straightforward guide to understanding Azure’s service for running containers, which are lightweight, portable packages for your apps.
  • EFCoreMergeExtension - talks about a tool that makes it easier to work with databases when building apps using Entity Framework Core.
  • Oauth-PKCE - gets into the nitty-gritty of a specific technique that makes logging into applications more secure.
  • Sustainable Software Engineering Through the Lens of Environmental, Part 2 - continues a discussion on how to make software development more eco-friendly.
  • XPRT. Magazine Assistant - dives into how our magazine is using AI to help put together articles and manage content.
  • There is Art in AI even if it's Artificial - ponders whether AI can truly be creative or if it’s just simulating art.
  • The use or uselessness of signed commits - debates whether it’s worth it for developers to digitally sign their code changes.
  • Under Attack! - alerts us to the realities of cybersecurity threats and how to defend against them.
  • Unlocking the Power of Your Data with Large Language Models - explores how businesses can use AI to understand and use their data better.
  • GitHub Copilot Bootcamp - is a how-to on using GitHub’s AI assistant that helps write code.
  • The subtle art of prompting - teaches the finesse needed to interact effectively with AI.
  • Building modern web applications with Blazor - looks at how this new tool can change the way web apps are made.
  • From Clever Prompting to Connected Agents - Transforming Business with Generative AI - wraps up with how AI is changing the business landscape, making it smarter and more connected.

Each piece offers practical insights and reflections on where tech is today and where it's heading. Download your free digital copy via the form on the right and enjoy reading.

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