Yes, it’s us again with the 6th edition of GHT: All Things Data 💾

GoDataDriven - a place where IT professionals get together to work, learn, share, and socialize. Take a seat at one of their workings desks, sit down in a sofa at one of the relax areas, or share stories at the bar.

Need to reset your 🧠? Conquer one of the routes to the top of the indoor climbing wall or be dazzled by the lights of the pinball machine.



Hoang is a true scientist that turned towards Growth. Where he used to perform experiments in the laboratory, he does now for Mollie as Head of Growth. Mollie processes payments for over 48k active businesses and it’s only growing. Depending on the needs, he looks for ways towards sustainable growth. He does that by running meaningful experiments and creating processes for automation and scale. To do that, he tends to observe and ask the right questions to discover ways for growth. With this, Data is his friend and Prioritisation is the challenge.


At GoDataDriven, Walter van der Scheer is responsible for all marketing and communications related activities. For over 15 years, Walter has been privileged to work at the intersection of marketing, IT and business management. Walter is a frequent speaker and trainer at all kinds of events, ranging from in-company sessions, events, seminars to conferences.

Before joining GoDataDriven, Walter was the head of commercial operations at Copernica, the leading marketing automation software company.


Fernando Angulo is the Head of International Parterships and Global Speaker at SEMrush, the best online SEO service for marketers, according European, UK and USA Search Awards 2017, that provides competitive intelligence data including keyword research, paid research and backlink analysis.

Fernando is actively involved in the search marketing world, and he is a regular speaker at SEO and digital marketing events worldwide. He specialises in B2B search marketing and lead generation programs. As an integral member of the SEMrush team, Fernando uses his knowledge and experience to define development strategies according to new trends and current market requirements


18:00 // Opening doors
18:45 // Intro by Pascal van Steen

19:00 // Hoang Pham - How to come up with your own growth tactics
19:30 // Walter van der Scheer - The secret to zero budget marketing
20:00 // Fernando Angulo - Digital Marketing Challenges 2018

20:30 // Fireside chat with all speakers
21:00 // Network & Drinks
22:30 // Exit & After networking (TBA)


GoDataDriven - applies data innovation to ensure any business is in front of the wave. From online retail to financial services; public to telco; we transform organizations into data-driven enterprises.

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