When:  June 11th, 2019
Where: San Jose, CA

Mapping a Domain Model to a RESTful Web API

A Web API, like a website, is a channel into your business domain. Because of its simplicity REST is the de-facto standard for developing Web APIs. But translating complex domain behaviour to simple REST concepts is typically not straight forward. This tutorial focuses on RESTful resource modeling and shares practical solutions to bridge the gap between a domain model and a RESTful API.

Tom Höfte - IT Architect  @ Xebia

Tom HofteTom's career in IT started as a developer, over the years, he fulfilled different roles within project teams varying from developer to lead architect. This gave him a deep knowledge and understanding of IT technology and delivering IT projects throughout the complete life-cycle, from concept to grave. Skills that he considers crucial to act as Lead Architect. 
Tom is a strong advocate of a lean way of working with focus on customer needs, the end product and delivering fast with the highest quality. Delivering challenging IT projects in the front line of IT that is what he is passionate about.

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Marco van der Linden - IT Architect  @ Xebia

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.57.54Marco is an IT solutions Architect with more than 15 years experience. His main area of expertise is in systems integration and software architecture. With a background in Software Engineering, he is well versed on  (cloud) hosting, data pipelines, software quality control, IT security, application development practices (DevOps) and continuous delivery practices. 

Marco distinguishes himself by his professionalism and communication skills. He has a good feel for the processes within companies and the people involved. Marco’s added value is based on his broad project experience and his ability to communicate at multiple levels, explaining complex technical solutions to business, IT and management. His main mode of operation is working as part of a team, gathering input from various sides, agreeing and explaining the various options, before making firm decisions.