When: Tuesday, April 9th
Where: Wibautstraat 200, Amsterdam

17:30 Doors open, food is served, have a chat
18:30 Talk 1: Turning risks into challenges
19:15 Break
19:30 Talk 2: Multi-tenant ad placement
20:15 Panel/Q&A with Ben Dalby (chapter lead frontend) and Eugene Fidelin (Frontend architect)
20:45 Networking time, have a beer

Marktplaats.nl has recently been going through some major changes. With the help of Xebia, Marktplaats has been reworking the system to allow other brands in the portfolio of the holding company (eBay Classifieds Group) to run on the platform.

Join us for these two exciting talks, followed by a Q&A panel, and learn what is going on behind the scenes at one of the Netherlands’ most visited sites.

Talk 1: Turning risks into challenges - Amos Haviv
In this talk we'll discuss the organisational and technical approach we took in order to white-label the Marktplaats platform. From the initial requirement to the handover and day after plan, we will dive into the inner works of a large scale modernization efforts. We’ll share our plans, what went well, and the things we improved along the way.

Bio speaker:
Amos Haviv is a full-stack engineer with over 13 years of experience leading the development of medium and large-scale web applications. He is the creator and was the main maintainer of the MEAN boilerplate, an open-source project with over 12,000 GitHub Stars, and the author of 2 MEAN Web Development books. At Marktplaats he leads a team of engineers in charge of modernizing Marktplaats.

Talk 2: Multi-tenant ad placement - Ruben de Gooijer
In 2012 Marktplaats migrated its code base from PHP to Java / Scala. Now, the code base is yet again the subject of a major technical migration. This time we’re moving away from a monolithic Java / Scala based front-end serving layer to a more fine-grained Node.js based BFF (Backend for frontend) microservices architecture. In this talk you’ll learn about how we’ve applied the strategy set out to white-label Marktplaats to the placing and management of ads whilst causing minimal disruptions to the ongoing business.

Bio speaker:
Ruben de Gooijer is a software engineer at Xebia in the Netherlands, holds a BSc in embedded systems, a MSc from the University Utrecht in Software Technology, and has more than a decade of experience building new and improving existing products for small businesses, start-ups, and international cooperations. He’s always exploring the boundaries of technology and gets excited by opportunities that can make the construction of high quality software easier.

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Joost Heijkoop

Joost Heijkoop