When:  March 24th-26th, 2020
Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

Doing DevOps in a Datascience World

On their journey to become a data-driven organisation, many enterprises start with the introduction of a specialised data team, isolated from the rest of the organisation. This is fine for first exploration of data science and understanding its potential.

However, to become successful with data and deliver the promises of a data-driven organisation, data science needs to be integrated in the organisation and data scientists (and analysts) need to be able to use a mature self-service platform to develop their models.
In this talk, Marco advocates the need for a self-service data platform to enable data science. He discusses different approaches to organise data science in an enterprise setting. Applying DevOps principles when using data enables enterprises to accelerate their business value creation.

Marco Lormans - IT Coach & Consultant @ Xebia

Marco-LormansMarco Lormans is an IT consultant, trainer and coach at Xebia IT Architects. He is active in IT from 2001 and has extensive experience in the area of IT architecture, continuous delivery, DevOps and organisation design. He is specialised in building mature data platforms, development of data applications and embedding these changes in the enterprise from both a technological and organisational perspective..