When:  November 6th, 2018
Where: London

Placing Microservices in Digital Transformations 

Microservices and Digital Transformations share a lot of the same properties; (almost) everyone is doing it, (almost) nobody knows how to do it, (almost) no-one actually knows what it means beyond the buzzword bingo. But in the focus to reduce structural complexity, the increase of autonomy and shorter delivery cycles, they too also find their basis in a lot of shared goals. In digital transformations, companies focus on the transformation of a business to ensure a better alignment of their development efforts to the customer. With an agile transformation being an important part of such a process, businesses often change from a process-oriented hierarchy towards teams focused on customer journeys. A sound technological transformation would, however, often work from a large, entangled, monolithic system towards a DDD inspired service- and team-structure which brings a far better mapping and alignment towards business’ processes. Both transformation paths seem to focus on a different, conflicting, path of focus for both teams and eventual technology (customer-journey vs process). In this talk, Gideon and Kenny will share with you their experiences from the trenches doing those transformations, you will learn that both transformations should actually work on different logical layers, that they complement each other, and how service-thinking can actually bring you closer to your customer. Faster.

0-4Kenny Baas Schwegler - Software Consultant and (Technical) Agile Coach/Mentor.

A Software Engineer and Consultant focusing on software quality at Xebia. He mentors teams by using practices and techniques from Domain Driven Design, Behaviour Driven Development, Test Driven Development and Continuous Delivery.

He is an advocate for multidisciplinary collaboration in open spaces. By using techniques such as EventStorming, and Example Mapping, he helps engineer requirements to design and model software. With these methods, he aims to create a transparent, collaborative domain space with constant and instant feedback when delivering software. s being built.

Besides his daily work, he also organises meetups for Behaviour Driven Development NL and Domain Driven Design NL.

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