When:  June 18th, 2019 - Track 1 | 12:00-12:45
Where: Madrid, Spain

At bol.com, the largest online retailer in the Netherlands, they have spent lots of effort on creating faster feedback cycles. With the ambitious goal to release multiple times per day in mind, they've upended their organizational structure, to give teams maximum autonomy in their road to production.

At bol.com, Joost van Wollingen and Ivo de Bruijn built shared internally open-sourced frameworks to reduce the time needed to bootstrap new services. All this was necessary to scale up to 60 teams, each of which have the operational responsibility for their own applications. They've created pipelines to spin up environments, for fast, isolated, autonomous testing. With DevOps seemingly down to a tee, what happens to the role of the tester? That is the question Joost and Ivo would like to explore during their interactive talk, based on their experiences at bol.com and the experiences of the audience.

After having attended this talk, attendees will learn about success factors for DevOps at bol.com, but more importantly they will discuss how these learnings translate to the context of other companies. The effect of these new ways of building and delivering software has a profound impact on the role of the tester. Should we all be looking for a new job? Go back to the school benches to learn programming and computer science? There seems to be a skill gap between what is asked and what is offered. But what is needed for DevOps success?

Joost van Wollingen 
- Consultant , Xebia, Netherlands

Joost van W

Joost started his career at bol.com, which gave him the opportunity to learn and grow at one of the leading companies in Agile and DevOps in the Netherlands. Coming up through the ranks he has been a test engineer, multidisciplinary team member, scrum master, team lead & test architect. Currently he is a consultant with Xebia, helping clients with all sorts of testing and quality challenges

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Co-Speaker Ivo de Bruijn - bol.com Netherlands

Ivo de BruijnAs a software test engineer at bol.com I’m continuously trying to improve the way we deliver and run high quality software in production. I have 9 years of experience in testing mostly in agile teams. Currently I’m working on a few different projects, front end and back end applications build in Go and Java. I have a keen interest learning about using or creating new tools which can help me in my day-to-day work.