When:  October 31st, 2018
Where: London, UK

How to improve your architectural visualisations

Communicating (about) architecture to non-IT and business stakeholders is a valuable skill for architects. After all, many architectural-relevant decisions are made by others, so they need to be informed with clear, honest, intelligible and helpful information / advice. This presentation will show theory and many practical tips on eight different facets of visual communication of architecture.

Jochem Schulenklopper - IT Architect  @ Xebia

Jochem Schulenklopper foto 1Jochem is a software architect / technologist solving business challenges by application of software.

He is best described as an esteemed and professional team player with high integrity and sense of responsibility. Conscientious with an eye for detail as well as the bigger picture. 

Intelligent, analytical, versatile, broad range of interests. Able to quickly grasp and master new areas.

Combines experience in IT and software development with curiosity and hands-on experience in application of new technologies. Comfortably shares innovations, new ideas and potential applications. Great sense of humour.