When: October 11, 2018
Where: San Jose, USA

So you were asked by a few devops teams to make them more secure. So you pick up their assets, review them and help them forward. But after that, when you leave them behind, more vulnerabilities get introduced. The question is: did your hacks bring long term value? Did you help them to get sustainable? Probably not. So how can you help them on the long term? How can you teach them how to fish instead of feed them?

Join us for a journey in how you can help customers to become sustainable in security when devops and agile are applied. We will start our journey with an assessment, then go through training the SRE, Devops and security teams, after we coach people to make better decisions. In the mean time we can do some sightseeing in automation, agile risk management and some darker pitfalls we fell for more than once.

Jeroen Willemsen
Jeroen Willemsen is a security architect at Xebia. With a love for mobile security, he worked at the MASV & MSTG. Jeroen is more or less a jack of all trades with interest in infrastructure security, risk management and application security.