When:  June 20, 2018
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Using CICD to manage the AWS Platform at Scale

In this talk, Jaap will share how a large multi-national financial services company with 15,000 employees worldwide, leverages one centrally managed, but 100% self- service cloud platform to move their entire application landscape to the cloud.

We will explain

  • how we centralised and automated all compliance controls to avoid derailment of our application teams, while still empowering teams by providing speed and autonomy,
  • how we use CI/CD and complete infrastructure as code to setup, control and constantly change the complete platform.

    The presentation gives attendees a real-life example of how a large organisation can successfully offer a compliant and controlled cloud platform at scale to all development and services teams, without mitigating the benefits of cloud.

Jaap Kabbedijk - DevOps Consultant @ Xebia

jaapJaap Kabbedijk is a Xebia consultant currently acting as the product owner of the Nationale Nederlanden (NN) AWS Platform.

 At Xebia, Jaap focuses on helping organisations creating better software products. His expertise is on DevOps transformations and he likes to combine the importance of good software craftsmanship with a strong emphasis on maximising software product value.

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