When:  11-14 nov, 2019   |    8:30 - 12:30
Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Talk Abstract:
UI tests, often close to the top of the automation pyramid, are notoriously hard to make fully deterministic. Many a true tester will recognize the situation where their tests are sometimes passing, sometimes failing, without a clear cause. The widespread use of Selenium to do UI testing would suggest that there are not a lot of other options. Cue Cypress.io, a new kid on the block, based on familiar open source frameworks. Cypress.io sets out to fix just that: those pesky, flaky, frustrating tests. With a fresh view on the test development lifecycle, an architecture that is not based on Selenium and recently open sourced, could this be the Selenium killer?

This workshop aims to introduce participants to Cypress.io in a DIY-fashion. We believe there is no better way to learn something new, than by getting behind your laptop and experience the tool first hand. Guided by exercises, suitable for beginners and those with more experience in Javascript, we will visit the most important and distinguishing features of Cypress.io.

Key Takeaways:
How Cypress.io differs from Selenium and other UI testing alternatives
Javascript fundamentals you need to work with Cypress.io
Learn to write your first test in a few minutes

Erik Zeedijk 
Quality and Test Automation Consultant, Xebia, Netherlands

ES2019_Erik_Zeedijk_400x400px_RGB-1-300x300As a Test Automation Consultant Erik always has the drive to improve the quality of software. This includes setting-up test automation and using CI/CD to get the fastest possible feedback. It also means introducing the mind-set change that is needed to think differently about testing and the way we measure quality.

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Xavier Viuda - Test Automation Consultant, Xebia, Netherlands


Xavier Viuda is a 31-year-old Test Automation Consultant from The Netherlands. Started as Tester but seeing that manual Testing wasn’t enough to solve problems he shifted his focus to Automation and improving business processes. As a consultant at Xebia, he is helping clients with setting up the right environment to release faster and more often.

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