When:  May 31st, 2019
Where: Turin, Italy

Helpful behaviors of middle managers in different phases of an agile transformation

To implement a new way of working in an organization, the role of middle managers has been proven to determine success. Many leadership experts assume that for leaders to be effective, behaviors are applicable across the different levels of managerial positions. However, evidence shows that to be effective, different hierarchical positions require different managerial behaviors, which are almost unknown for middle managers.
To successfully implement the Agile way of working, middle managers should take into account not only agile leadership behavior but also steering, supportive and change-oriented behaviors. Different phases of implementation require different ways of behavior for the middle manager to be deemed helpful.
Learn from Ellis' research and experience in agile transformations and find the answer to how middle managers motivate employees to transform towards agile, and what leadership behavior is perceived as supportive in such a transformation.

Ellis de Haan - Business Unit Manager  @ Xebia

Ellis de Haan

Ellis joined Xebia as Business Unit Manager of Xebia DevOps at the beginning of 2019. Before that, she has been with ABN AMRO for 7 years and within different positions, finally as team lead of 10 scrum teams responsible for DevOps tooling serving more than 400 scrum teams.

Ellis graduated as MBA at the Business University of Nyenrode in 2018. As part of her studies she conducted a research into what behaviors of middle managers are deemed helpful in an agile transformation. 

In her sparetime, you will find her in a Cross fit box where she is working on her impressive deadlift capabilities.

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