When:  June 19, 2018
Where: Utrecht, Netherlands

From scratch to success with DevOps at Nederlandse Spoorwegen

In 2016 our team at NS developing the libraries for calculating prices and ticket layouts started a transformation. Instead of distributing data and libraries to 19 different internal and external customers a more centralized approach was chosen. From scratch we started changing the software architecture (micro services), implemented CD-methodologies and started to host our own server-cluster in the cloud.

Now 1,5 years later our team counts within NS as a successful example of an autonomous CD/Agile/DevOps team. This talk focusses on the journey from scratch to the situation it is now in and the different obstacles of various nature they met.

Hans Gerritsen works as senior developer at Nederlandse Spoorwegen for the MRP scrum team. He has a background in signal processing and technical automation and works at NS since 2012. Since 2016 he is part of the MRP team that develops libraries and micro services for price calculation and ticket image generation.
Bastiaan Bakker - DevOps Consultant @ Xebia

Bastiaan Bakker foto 1

Bastiaan Bakker works as DevOps coach at Nederlandse Spoorwegen. He enjoys helping teams with their DevOps journey as well as coding cloud infrastructure himself. Being a firm believer in "You build it, you run it", he happily has run pager duty throughout most of his career. At Xebia, Bastiaan is also known as Chief Blockchain Pragmatist, feel free to ask anything about Ethereum 🙂

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