When:  June 19-20, 2018
Where: Hamburg, Germany

Building a scalable learning platform using Cloud and Containers

The IT landscape is changing faster than ever. New tools and programming languages are released daily. Large cloud providers release tens of new services each year. So how do you keep up? How do you build the required skills to stay relevant?

Instruqt - learning DevOpsMeet Instruqt, a learning platform for DevOps tools and Cloud. The platform leverages Kubernetes and Terraform to provide each participant with his or her own dedicated sandbox environment. By solving hands-on challenges you can learn new technology and stay up to date. Building the platform has been an interesting journey. In his talk, Bas will discuss how they leveraged Terraform, Kubernetes and Google Cloud to create a scalable and cost-effective learning platform. He will discuss the choices they've made, the problems they encountered and the lessons learned.

Bas TichelaarEntreprenerd ▪ IT Architect ▪ DevOps Consultant ▪ Cloud Evangelist ▪ Public speaker

Bas Tichelaar fotoBas has over 18 years of experience in IT, with a focus on DevOps and Cloud. He worked as a consultant, IT architect and trainer the last 5 years. His mission is to make learning DevOps and Cloud more effective and fun. Within Instruqt, his role is mainly sales and marketing, but he just can't stop coding :)

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