When:  June 26th, 2018
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Happy Terraforming! Real Life Experience and Proven Best Practices

We have gained real life hands-on experience within cloud infrastructures at multiple customers on workflow, secret management, modules, state and CI / CD. By sharing successful practices and our fails we hope to spare our audience implementation bumps. This talk addresses the advanced Terraform users willing to go next-level.

Knowing the Terraform mechanics does not help with the question of how to create an 'intent' based Terraform codebase. Should we think in terms of infrastructure resources or the services they represent? Where are the functional and/or technical boundaries? Fast-track yourself to a manageable and well-organized Terraform setup that would otherwise take quite some time to achieve.

Armin Coralic - DevOps Consultant

Armin Coralic foto 1

Armin is a technical leader who helps companies make a digital transition, from setting a technical vision for the IT department up to overseeing or creating an actual solution. Starting with DevOps or introducing a new technology is not enough, for success changing the mindset and simplifying things is as important. Armin loves to push the boundaries by less work and more impact. One way he does this is by using work from others or by creating a well documented Terraform ECS module on GitHub for others. Soon also available as a verified Terraform module.


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