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Xebia Academy

Xebia Academy Badges: Ignite Your Professional Journey

The badges are official confirmation of your skills and completion of Xebia Academy Training. They are integrated with LinkedIn to let everyone know what your tech-superpowers are

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Why Should You Have Xebia Academy Badges?

Show Your Expertise

  • Xebia Academy badges are solid proof of your knowledge and skills in cutting-edge technologies and methodologies

Boost Your Career

  • Stand out to employers and recruiters on LinkedIn by displaying your badges proudly, demonstrating your commitment to ongoing learning

Stay Relevant

  • Our badges are a reflection of your dedication to staying current in your field, ensuring you're always at the forefront of industry trends.

Join the Data Community

  • Connect with like-minded professionals who have also earned Xebia Academy badges, opening doors to new networking opportunities.

How to Get Xebia Academy Badges?





Have you already completed a Course with Xebia Academy?

If so, we have a gift for you! We will send you your LinkedIn badge together with a special 10% discount for future courses in 2023.
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