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Interested in Scaling Agile Workshop?

Workshop duration: 8 hours

An educational, interactive experience for management, leaders, directors, and Agile coaches. This impactful workshop will enable you to start your journey to scale Agile across your organization.

Scaling Agile is a complex process that goes far beyond introducing a framework. Organizations need the right mix of culture, leadership, mindset, and structure to succeed. Often, organizations are not prepared for this complete paradigm shift. Instead, they begin with a few teams working Scrum but then quickly recognize that it's not enough. What steps should you take next? 

In this 1-day workshop taught by our expert Agile consultants, you will learn the different frameworks for scaling Agile in part one. In part two, our expert will put a spotlight on your organization. This will enable you to get a clear picture of where to start with your transformation according to your organization's needs.


Benefits of taking this workshop:

  • Understand when and why scaling agility is critical
  • Learn the elements on which you can scale
  • Gain basic knowledge of the similarities and differences  between the 4 most common Agile scaling frameworks  (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Nexus) 
  • Experience scaling in practice 
  • Learn the right framework elements with which to approach scaling
  • Gain tips and tricks for making your Agile journey successful 
  • Generate specific ideas for scaling Agile in your organization

Who should take this workshop?
This Scaling Agile Workshop is ideal for management, leaders, directors, Agile transformation leads, and Agile coaches working in teams of 8 to 15 people (minimum and max). 

Our courses are facilitated by our Xebia Agile Transformation Consultants, who are leading thought leaders in their fields. Having worked with the top 250 enterprises in the Netherlands and some of the largest companies in Europe, they bring extensive, practical experience from a variety of sectors. Some of our clients include: Enexis, Unilever, Picnic, Philips, Shoeby, Rabobank, Heineken, ING,, Ahold, Schiphol and Transavia.

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