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Workshop duration: 4 hours

A tailor-made, interactive learning experience for management, leaders, directors, and product owners. This high-intensive and impactful workshop is customized to support your organization’s unique transformation and particular business needs. 

Agile Portfoliemanagement - Repair Agile

In a complex world of renewal and improvement, how do you make the right choices? Especially when the business must continue to run. With so much work to be done and such little capacity, many companies struggle with portfolio management. Customers and organizations continually ask questions, make requests and express new desires, while the pressure on the change process never ceases.

How do you stay on top of all the work? How do you approach capacity management or connect complex questions to the delivery scope? And how do you ensure that new and existing work orders are handled and processed quickly, efficiently and carefully?

As part of this workshop, you will participate in an authentic, interactive, 2-hour Agile Portfolio Management Simulation that contextually demonstrates benefits and consequences.

Key take aways
This impactful experience is a proven method for learning through experimentation in a risk-free environment. After the workshop, you and your team will be able to:

  • Visualize work in a practical, clear and concise way
  • Effectively manage capacity by assigning work to the right people
  • Clarify the preconditions required for effective portfolio management
  • Utilize the skills and experience gained through a simulation in the real world

Program (4 hours)

  • Foundation: Product Ownership and Agile Portfolio Management
  • Serious Gaming: Learning and Experience Through Agile Portfolio Management Simulation
  • Debrief: What Does it Mean for Your Organization?

Who will benefit?
This workshop is developed for management, leaders, directors and product owners working in teams of min. 6 to max. 12 participants. The workshop is tailored to the needs of the business.

Our courses are facilitated by our Xebia Agile Transformation Consultants, who are leading thought leaders in their fields. Having worked with the top 250 enterprises in the Netherlands and some of the largest companies in Europe, they bring extensive, practical experience from a variety of sectors. Some of our clients include: Enexis, Unilever, Picnic, Philips, Shoeby, Rabobank, Heineken, ING,, Ahold, Schiphol and Transavia.

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