Why the Agile "Fixed-Team" Dogma is Wrong

One of the dogmas in agile frameworks is the preference for fixed teams over those that change. Teams that aren’t fixed take a hit in performance every time their composition shifts drastically. But what if we looked at teams from the same “software development” perspective? If continuous integration is the way to solve poor software integration, wouldn’t continuous “reteaming” solve poor performance?

In this presentation, Scrum master Laïla Noujeh and Agile guru Laurens Bonnema walk you through a shift in perspective on the “fixed-team dogma.” In this session, you will discuss successful experiments in dynamic reteaming and learn how to design your own, with tips and tricks on getting started.


Laurens Bonnema & Laïla Nouijeh

Laurens Bonnema is an Agile Management Consultant and Graphic facilitator. He mentors managers on how to create Agile Organizations and makes business notes fun!
Laïla Nouijeh is a Scrum Master with extensive experience in guiding multiple IT teams. She motivates people and teams to achieve their highest potential, with an approach that blends curiosity, authenticity, and genuine enthusiasm.


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