When: June 13, 2017
Where: Xebia Hilversum, Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB Hilversum

Drawn by the idea that microservices are a panacea, IT managers and engineers tend to skip identifying what advantages are a good fit with their organization.

People forget that there is no such thing as a free lunch. As well as advantages, well-built microservices architectures have tradeoffs. There are no “wrong” microservices, only microservices that do not deliver the advantages they were built for or pose unacceptable risks through their disadvantages.

Through this presentation Dirk would like to disentangle the microservices hype from its properties, both good and bad. He would like to share his personal take on what he perceives to be a good common starting point in getting the most advantages with as few caveats as possible based on personal experiences and shared insights.

This will be followed by a discussion and design session based on input from all participants.

4:00 PM: Presentation Dirk Louwers
5:00 PM: Workshop
6:00 PM: Dinner @ Xebia