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State of Generative AI - Code Assistants in Software Development

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While Generative AI (Gen AI) can offer substantial potential to boost productivity in software development, it also introduces new concerns such as data security, intellectual property rights, and commercial viability. To evaluate these issues, Xebia conducted an all-encompassing inquiry into generative tools tailored for software developers. This whitepaper details the primary conclusions derived from our study.

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Key highlights:

  1. Impact of Gen AI tools on developers’ productivity and overall job satisfaction
  2. Risks associated with Gen AI tools usage
  3. Review of the existing Gen AI regulatory frameworks
  4. Assessment of the leading Gen AI code assistants
  5. Xebia’s recommendations for a safe adoption of the tools into your organization 

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Gen AI tools we review:

  • Amazon CodeWhisperer Professional
  • GitHub Copilot Business 
  • Tabnine Pro 
  • ChatGPT Team

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