When Agile Meets Culture — and Clashes

Almost half of all cultural-transformation initiatives fail. Why? Because cultural change is the most invisible part of an Agile transformation. When you're not paying enough attention to what’s really going on—or to what's going wrong—attempts to change culture can actually undermine your purpose. But, can you prevent or solve these "culture clashes?" Yes, you can! In this dynamic session, change expert Ellen Barree opens your eyes and reveals the non-visible elements that may be undermining your transformational goals. Learn how to analyze your company’s culture, design its map, and make its change more tangible and sustainable.


Ellen Barree

Ellen is an Agile Management Consultant and expert in organizational culture and behavior. She collaborates with organizations, exploring and developing their ideal growth direction for becoming more agile and adaptive. She is passionate about motivating leaders and teams and strives to help them align their ambitions with desirable supporting behavior.


+316 23 24 3013

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