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Dr. Katleen Gabriels will focus on the ethical implications of AI and Machine Learning systems.

What to Expect

Topics covered will include:
- Ethics
- Artificial Intelligence
- Biased Design
- Machine Learning

Who Should Join

This webinar is interesting for Data Scientists who want to explore use cases and learn about ethical applications and ramifications of AI.


Katleen Gabriels is an assistant professor in the research group Philosophy and Ethics at the Department Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). She researches the relations between morality and contemporary technologies. In so doing, she seeks to conjoin a strong grounding in moral philosophy with empirical studies. Her research focuses on ‘other-tracking technologies’. Mobile and wearable computing create ever more possibilities to track one another through GPS-enabled devices and mobile applications: parents can track their children, spouses their significant other, employers their employees, and so forth. With these apps and smart devices we can monitor and even discipline the other at-a-distance. Her expertise is in the area of philosophy and ethics of technology, computer ethics, media ethics, moral philosophy, Internet of Things (IoT), (social) virtual worlds and virtual reality (VR).