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QXPERTS - Software Quality Consultant



Software Quality Consultant

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Job description:

First and foremost, in this role you are all about approaching quality from a broad perspective; this means focus on people, process and technology.

In most assignments you’re asked by a company to help their team with a technical problem. As a consultant for Qxperts you not only focus on this task, but also try to get to the root-cause of these issues. Often technical issues are a result of issues in the business processes or how people are working together. This makes your work more interesting and leaves the client with a long term solution for their problems.

You spread your vision on quality. Not only on paper, but by coaching and leading by example. When the team is capable of building the right things, building things right and speeding up their software delivery process, then your mission is accomplished!

To sum it up…

If you’d like to:

  • Help teams increase quality and speed by improving their software delivery process
  • Coach teams to achieve agility and excellence
  • Combining topics like high-performing teams, socio-technical systems, DDD, BDD, TDD, progressive delivery, CI/CD and test automation.

If your current colleagues and friends would describe you as:

  • Techy with good soft skills
  • Confident and capable of realizing positive change in software development
  • The person that addresses issues and the elephant in the room.

And you are:

  • Someone with a strong track record developing software
  • Used to working agile
  • Knowledgeable about what it takes to build the right product in terms of skills, competencies, and approach.

Then we would really like to get to know you better!

We are looking for people that are passionate about software quality, delivering high-end products, and find solutions to difficult problems. At Qxperts we help our people to boost their careers and to help them reach their personal authority mission.

Sounds good? There’s more:

  • An inspiring and cool work environment with challenging assignments
  • Regular in-house knowledge sharing sessions and a € 5.000 yearly training budget
  • Continual support to develop professionally plus six innovation days per year
  • Lots of social events

At Xebia and Qxperts, you’ll find like-minded colleagues who are frontrunners in their fields. We’re ambitious professionals in business and IT, specializing in connecting people, technology, and data. We help our customers increase speed and quality by improving their software delivery process, team mindset, and skills. 

We are always searching for talent—are you in?

Contact Burak Yildirim: byildirim@xebia.com or 06 41 82 31 67

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