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Software Engineer



Software Engineer

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Job description:

Xebia seeks passionate, professionals who work to play, and play to win. We’re currently looking for an enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated Software Engineer who can manage a daily to-do list like:

  • Help translate clients’ requirements into sound, agile software architectures
  • Advise and work with development teams to build and implement those designs
  • Mentor engineers to take-over ownership of architectural design
  • Facilitate smooth transition to newly designed architecture for both the development team and business
  • Scope, prioritize and inspire the development process to success

If your former boss and current best friend would describe you as:

  • Much more than a code monkey-  you understand the business and its needs
  • A full-stack “aficionado”
  • Passionately opinionated about how software should be developed

And if you are:

  • Fed up with working on small projects
  • Searching for opportunities to work on software projects that make an impact
  • Passionate about state-of-the-art technology and coding
  • Experienced with or have love for Golang, Scala, Java, Rust, React, Vuejs or other technology you think our clients can gain their edge.

Then you might have what it takes to win a dream job like this:

  • Financial security in the form of a fixed contract and monthly-paid salary
  • An inspiring, creative culture of learning and knowledge-sharing
  • Agile, anti-corporate working practices
  • Managers with one mission – to empower your potential!
  • A shiny new laptop, customized to your specifications
  • The latest Apple or Android phone of your choice
  • Lease budget
  • €5000 annual personal budget to attend conferences, trainings, and more, to keep your professional smarts polished
  • Bi-weekly, on-premise knowledge exchange sessions with mind-splittingly sharp colleagues
  • Challenging, cool projects that make a difference
  • Great parties 

But you can’t win if you don’t play – Apply today!

If you’re passionate about what you do and can demonstrate your knowledge, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us: careers@xebia.com.

At Xebia, you’ll find like-minded colleagues who are front-runners in their fields. We help get organizations moving and have the courage to leave the beaten track. By sharing knowledge with our customers and communities, we continuously broaden our expertise and determine the next cool thing.

Here’s a few words of praise from your future-colleagues about working at Xebia:

"Xebia provides a wonderful platform that helps us to learn and grow together."

"People first, sharing knowledge, quality without compromise. These are not just pretty promises, Xebia understands what it takes to make a developer shine! Mutual success is just a side effect."

"At Xebia. I am challenged and supported to become the best that I can be."


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