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Senior Full Stack Engineer



Senior Full Stack Engineer

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Job description:

Are you a Senior Full Stack Engineer wanting to put your talents to good use, we are looking for you! 

Have you become the go-to person for every single IT-related problem, simply because you know all the answers? Are you done with skipping unit testing because you need to meet that deadline, whatever the cost? Are you tired of working with low-quality code that is only just good enough? 

Join us and be surrounded by people who actually value the principles of clean code and deliver quality without any compromise. Our goal is to be an authority, and we help you become one too. Join us and you will be part of: 

  • A team of people that continuously challenge each other to grow.
  • A leading consultancy group that explores and creates new frontiers.
  • Innovative projects in the fields of Cloud-Native development and Front- and Back-end development.

Meet Xebia Software Development 
We are a group of developers and entrepreneurial engineers who turn the latest technology trends into business advantages. We are leaders in Cloud-Native Development. As a mainstream frontrunner, we build the future with our clients and create solutions, together with you.

We take on projects that add to our mission of authority. Previous assignments we worked on include improving the quality and speed of an app with users all over the world. We build a cloud-native platform for an e-commerce website with over 20 million products and we’ve implemented a brand new UX-centered frontend to help operators working at airports all over the world make sure your bags get on the same plane as you do.

We offer you
At Xebia, you will find like-minded colleagues who are frontrunners in their fields. We are ambitious professionals in business and IT, specializing in connecting people, technology, and data. We offer, among others:

  • A new phone once every two years.
  • A new laptop, you are free to pick the one you prefer working on.
  • A €5.000 annual personal budget to attend conferences or courses.
  • A fixed contract with terms of employment appropriate to this role.

Who are you? 

  • You are more than just a code monkey. You have an excellent understanding of business needs.
  • You are eager to learn and enjoy sharing your knowledge with colleagues and clients.
  • You advise development teams on how to build and implement designs.
  • You know Java, Scala, Golang, React, React-Native, Rust, or Vue.js like the back of your hand.

Want to know more or meet for a cup of coffee?
Please contact Anne Toma, Growth Marketeer at atoma@xebia.com. She is looking forward to meet you!


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