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DevOps Consultant



DevOps Consultant

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Job description:

At Xebia you get the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of digital transformations in the top 250 organizations in the Netherlands. The scope of our high impact projects includes:

  • increasing software craftmanship in the DevOps teams and working the Agile way,

  • implementing modern Software Architectures, by using microservices and reducing technical debt,

  • completely automating the software development process by using best practice Continuous Delivery pipelines,

  • establishing intelligent infrastructures using Cloud Native and/or container-based platforms and

  • training the organisation to become a high performing DevOps player.

Read here about one of our latest assignments: Client Case We Transfer: Creating the DevOps flow

Xebia DevOps Consultants make a difference at customers. Our clients dare to innovate using technologies that might just be mature enough for production. We believe in Continuous Delivery and a Cloud First approach. Our "weapons of choice" are among others Docker, Kubernetes and the HashiCorp tool suite. We love to work with Google Cloud, AWS or Azure, depending on the clients’ need.

We are looking for new colleagues who understand the DevOps journey and who want to make an impact by saving organizations of their downfall. Your background may be as an Architect, Lead Developer or DevOps Engineer. It is important that you enjoy ‘walking on the edge’, eager to work on your assignment with technologies you may have encountered during meetups or that you are exploring at night in the basement.

At Xebia you find like-minded colleagues who are forerunners in their field, who are used to get organizations in motion and have the courage to go off the beaten track. By sharing our knowledge with customers and the community, we broaden our expertise and decide what the next cool thing is to work on.

We challenge you to accelerate your personal development. Curious? We like to tell you more or invite you to one of our events! 


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