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Data Platform Engineer



Data Platform Engineer

Hilversum, The Netherlands

How can you help?

At Xebia we are always looking for talented people to deliver value to our clients and their customers. We help our customers to become data driven by building their self-service data-platform in the cloud and therefor deliver direct value to their clients. We at Xebia DevOps enjoy great success in enabling data scientists at companies to become data-driven. Just think of what more we can achieve when YOU join our team!

As a DevOps engineer you are responsible for the setup, deployment and productionising of data-intensive environments.  You develop infrastructure as code that will support the setup of the self-service data platform. You are able to do this in at least one of the major cloud providers. You are experienced in architecting “simple” solutions and have a background in software engineering. Within your work, automating everything is written in your DNA. 

What will you do?
With your knowledge of infrastructure, cloud, clusters, queues, containers, streaming, and graphs you work on business-critical systems with lots of data, or help build such systems greenfield. You work at the client in mixed teams, and pick up the work that is related to the platform which the team is building.

When you're working on-site with a client you may come across something that is really difficult to solve. Luckily, every other week Xebians gather at  our office to share knowledge with each other,to discuss and even solve challenges with the help of the hive mind of Xebia. If that's too long to wait, everybody at Xebia is just a quick message away and ready to help at any time.

Why this job?

  • if you really like working with the latest and greatest cloud solutions from AWS, GCP or Azure
  • if you know your way around the big-data ecosystem and work with tools like Airflow and Spark
  • if you get energy from working for different clients and helping them achieve their goals
  • if you like working with open-source technology and want to make time to contribute to the communities

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