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All-round Marketeer



All-round Marketeer @Xpirit

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Job description:

Our marketeer holds ultimate responsibility for the organization's marketing activities and is in control of the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy.

Marketing at Xpirit is divided into three distinct categories:

Lead Generation: Working closely with our Sales team to come up with new ways to generate sales leads
  • Organizing Events: round tables, meetups, and mini-conferences. Creating and promoting content around our own events and external event participation. We love to see new and other ideas that help us generate sales leads in a different way.
Recruitment Marketing
  • All of the above but focussed on finding new talent.
Brand Marketing to support both lead generation and recruitment marketing:
  • Content creation for website, products and services. Writing customer stories and relevant articles.
  • Social Media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Our marketeer is accountable for all areas. Some work can be delegated to either external parties or to other roles in the organization. E.g. events, as a marketing tool, is the responsibility of the marketeer, but most of the work regarding the organization of the event will be delegated to our office manager.

The marketeer at Xpirit is a person who is energetic and creative and brings ideas to life that come out of the entire organization. He or She is a team player, holds pride in driving results, and isn't afraid to take a risk. We need someone who plays a central role in the way we approach the market and helps us define, describe, and market our products and services portfolio. Marketing is also the primary source of leads for our sales team.

Additional quests at Xpirit

  • Developing and implementing a lean and mean Marketing and Communications strategy
  • Defining and creating a wide range of different marketing materials and programs
  • Guarding the marketing budget or finding ways to expand the budget by generating more revenue
  • Continuously analysing the competitive environment and customer trends
  • Overall responsibility for brand management and identity
  • Maintaining effective internal communications with the Xebia Group around our initiatives and align with them on their initiatives
  • Building funnels and nurturing flows in our inbound marketing system
  • Creating new editions of our magazine

Xpirit is looking for:

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in (online)marketing/ marketing communication
  • Between 2-5 years of work experience
  • Fluent in Dutch and proficient in English (writing)
  • Growth mindset and constantly seeking self-improvement
  • A creative, enthusiastic, confident, and dynamic personality
  • No 9-5 mentality, while keeping a healthy work-life balance
  • Strong character with self-starting abilities
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to spot original branding opportunities
  • Team player who is not afraid to receive and give open and honest feedback
  • Strong analytical and project management skills
  • Affinity with IT services


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