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Elevating airlines beyond disruption with digital change

As air travel demand rises and disruption continues to impact travel, airlines need digital capabilities that are more resilient than ever. Xebia helps world-leading airlines deliver digital solutions and agile transformation to improve their operational efficiency, sustainability measures, and passenger experiences. 

We create digital change with aviation industry leaders

KLM implements a data-driven way of working with Xebia

KLM solved operational disruptions, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue margins with Xebia's data-driven solutions.
“Xebia helped us combine operational data with financial data, and, thanks to that, we’re closer to becoming a master of information...incorporating data into daily routines helped us become a better, more efficient organization.” - KLM

Xebia creates digital change for leading aviation brands

Navigate disruptions with agile-first delivery

At Xebia, we’ll become your trusted partner and work with you through every step of your journey. With a team of over 6,000 digital transformation experts, we help airlines drive change across their operational efficiency, sustainability measures, and passenger experiences.

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Elevate operational efficiency

Airlines have countless opportunities to reduce operational costs and increase revenue by improving processes with modern technology and data. However, the pace of change in aviation demands agility and rapid innovation. In a nutshell, that’s how Xebia delivers solutions for airlines.

Minimize direct operating costs

The aviation industry is volatile. By allocating costs to specific cost centres or flight operations, airlines can make informed decisions to optimize their direct operating costs. Xebia’s data teams empower airlines to make better, faster and cost saving decisions across areas from flight planning to fuel efficiency. 

Streamline crew management

Efficient crew communication can save airlines billions in operational costs. Xebia delivers centralized and automated crew management portals that help airline crews minimize the impact of disruptive events and deliver excellent passenger experiences.

Enable predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance technology is evolving, and it can unlock billions in airline cost savings. Xebia delivers predictive maintenance solutions for aviation brands that drive real savings through data integrations, cloud platforms and advanced machine learning.

Architecting exceptional customer experiences

  • Hyperpersonalisation

Treat every customer who visits your site like the unique individual that they are. Deliver context-dependent experiences to your customers using real-time data streaming technologies connecting transaction, analytics, and UX layers. This way, every visit can provide the right information to the right customer at the right time.

  • Next best actions

Guide every customer along a carefully curated customer journey that’s engaging and fun. Leverage real-time behavioural and transactional data to optimise time-on-site and digital experiences, with contextual nudges to meet service needs or enable cross selling opportunities.

  • Integrate multiple experience layers

Connect core banking platforms with additional workflow tools and experience-enhancing features to build a composite architecture that makes it easy for your customers to get information, ask questions, and achieve their session objectives.

  • Balance security and user experience

Leverage state-of-the-art identity and authorisation tools and frameworks to provide robust security that’s also frictionless. This way, protecting your customers’ identities and assets doesn’t get in the way of their online experience.

Redefining business processes for efficiency

  • Customer 360° that works for you

Adopt an omnichannel approach that makes it possible for your bank’s sales and customer service teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint by gathering the right dynamic data on customer preferences, journey flows, and interactions with your CRM and Data Management platforms. 

  • Process re-engineering to balance efficiency and resiliency

Redesign workflows to enable streamlined, straight-through business process automation with a built-in layer of resiliency. This way, white-glove support is only necessary for handling exceptions, and most customers get exactly what they want, when they want it, with no need for human intervention.

  • Highly effective change management

People don’t always welcome transformation, even when the end result is beneficial. We’ll help you introduce new technologies and experiences to your customers and employees by leveraging a “test and learn” agile approach that’s grounded in science-based best practices from risk management. Take advantage of engaging upskill programs from a leading tech training provider, and empower your employees with step-by-step learning journeys that meet them where they are and help them grow their careers.

  • Beyond your core business operations

Whether it’s transforming IT operations or adopting DevOps, SecOps, FinOps, or GreenOps, we have extensive experience reviewing existing processes, technologies, and organisational structures and helping our clients make them more effective and efficient.



Managing today’s risks and building resilience for tomorrow

  • ESG risk and reporting

Make your business climate-friendly and make sure it’s having a positive impact on its community by collecting and ingesting the right data and advancing your analytics and reporting capabilities. We’ve built a low code configuration-ready ESG accelerator that can help you reach your goals faster.

  • De-risk your cloud and data infrastructures

Ensure that your technology infrastructure is resilient across all the platforms and providers that you rely on by effectively managing the scalability, availability, and performance of your cloud environment. We’ll help you build a right-sized foundation that will continue to meet your business’s needs as you grow.

  • Advance cybersecurity maturity

Implement zero trust-based security architectures by deploying the right tools, educating your employees on cybersecurity best practices, and building robust processes to protect your business, its reputation, and your customers.



Uplift passenger experiences

From booking to boarding and everything else, passengers expect a seamless journey with their airline across every touchpoint. Airlines must deliver perfect, personalised and peerless experiences for every customer, or that customer will choose another airline next time. Xebia works with airlines by taking a customer-centric approach to building customer experiences that delight passengers at every step.

Foster real customer loyalty

Airline loyalty programs only perform if they align with the passenger’s expectations. We help the world’s largest airlines create unique digital loyalty experiences. By integrating passenger data with loyalty apps, we’ve vastly improved customer satisfaction and retention rates for leading airlines.

Create a 360° customer view

Data platforms are more capable than ever of enabling a single customer view, but for airlines, data is often locked in silos. Xebia has decades of experience integrating disparate legacy systems to unlock customer insights that allow airlines to create better experiences.

Build frictionless apps

Every passenger journey touch point is an opportunity to build a lifelong customer relationship. That’s why every airline must create digital experiences that delight passengers. We’ve built customer apps for leading airlines that have become their competitive advantage due to their improvements to the passenger experience.

Customer Stories

Accelerate sustainability results

Environmental sustainability is the number one challenge for all airlines. It’s time to focus on accelerating significant and measurable change. Technology will empower this change, and Xebia is dedicated to helping airlines reach technology’s full potential. Together, we can fly toward a greener future.

Chart the path to net zero

Without data analytics, net zero is impossible. Airlines must prove their progress toward sustainability by analysing every part of their operations. Xebia’s data science and data engineering experts help airlines develop real-time data platforms that visualise progress, predict outcomes and guide action.

Optimise fuel efficiency

There are thousands of ways to improve fuel efficiency, from optimising flight routes to reducing in-flight weight. Xebia partners with airlines to create innovative digital solutions that unlock these opportunities and move the needle toward sustainability.

Cut down cloud waste

As air travel demand rises, so does airlines’ cloud consumption – which plays a part in energy waste. We work with airlines to develop coherent GreenOps and FinOps strategies and visualise operational emissions to improve sustainability practices.

Delivering results for aviation leaders

Customer Stories

Customer story

Using to Maximize Internal Planning With Salesforce Integration

DE SINGEL, a renowned cultural institution in Belgium, reimagined its communication and marketing planning through a custom and Salesforce integration

Customer story

Omio Unifies Brand With Shared Design System

The innovative travel app developed a shared component library used across its front-end teams, ensuring consistency across all digital channels and creating a seamless user experience

Customer story

Parkos Disrupts Parking Market with Google Cloud Platform

Due to the accelerated growth of the parking platform, Parkos' IT needed to become more scalable for an optimal customer experience

Customer story

Volotea Leads the Way With New API & Mobile Apps

Combining a refreshed GDS integration with two brand-new mobile applications gave Europe’s leading low-cost airline a huge competitive advantage

Customer story

Hospitality Industry Goes Cloud-First With Foodback

Norwegian startup helps businesses manage feedback in real-time cloud-based hospitality app hosted on AWS

Customer story

Reservation Systems Upgrade Keeps Volotea Passengers Flying

Europe’s leading low-cost airline implemented a GDS update to ensure its booking engine continued to be highly available to passengers

Customer story

Google Cloud Platform Keeps Omio Travelers Up-To-Date

The online journey planner streamlined user experience, creating a single backend that enabled updates to be instantly shared

Customer story

Leading Online Travel Provider Embraces Google Workspace

Global online travel company Travix saves time and expands its capacity by migrating IT to the cloud

Customer story

Global Online Travel Platform Gets Schooled on Google Cloud

Travix earns its GCP “wings” to maximize the potential of the scalable interface

Customer story

Dutch Railway Company Journeys to the Cloud with End-to-End AWS Deployment

NSI migrates to a cloud environment improving design and development along the way

Customer story

Digital Backbone Holds Soaring Opportunities for Airports in the New Normal

Innovation in aviation: how automation, extended reality and biometric devices can enhance revenue streams, optimize efficiencies and improve customer experience

Customer story

Enabling cross-Europe train travel through a modern API design

Customer story

Speed, flexibility, and the beauty of simplicity

How NS International embraced Modern Cloud technology

Customer story

Dutch Railway Operator Strives for More with DevOps Way of Working

DSO creates continuous value with team coaching, embracing DevOps culture and practices; feature delivery sped up to every two weeks

Customer story

Major European Aviation Hub Takes Flight with Extensive Digital Transformation

Schiphol builds up its commercial and digital presence, making strides in the trade and tourism sector as the market remains up in the air

Customer story

Food Tech Curbs Spoils by up to 70% with Automated Machine Learning Devices

Orbisk reduces food waste with a mere scan; using automated machine learning achieves success with global expansion plans ahead

Customer story

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Transforms Finance Department into Information Master for Business

Oldest operating airline in the world gains more efficient expense forecasting, digital accounting, and operational problem-solving

Customer story

Transforming Company Culture Allows Transavia Airlines to ‘Take-off’

Low-cost Dutch airlines optimize internal operations to improve customer experience

Customer story

Financial Data Analytics and Process Mining

KLM partnered with Xebia to transform the finance department into the master of information for KLM’s business departments

Customer story

Personal Recommenders to Improve Online User Experience

How transavia improved the customer experience by serving personal recommendations to travellers

Customer story

Workshops and Developing Use Cases

How KLM implemented a data-driven way of working within the organization, plus a global shared service center for data

Customer story

Sustainability and reliability: How to achieve a higher level of data quality with SRE

50% savings on energy and maintenance costs while working with a scalable and reliable data platform

“From developing the basic knowledge about Agile to working towards more Agile leadership, a more connected and integrated management, all these facets are carefully considered in this change and are based on best practices, theory and learning by doing”


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