Testing organized the right way!

Learn how to optimize your automated testing process:

• What are the typical testing and test automation challenges?
• The journey towards a radical change in the way testing is organized.
• Practical examples: The do’s and dont’s encountered during the journey.

Bol.com is the number one online retailer in the Netherlands.
They offer over 9 million products with 800.000 visitors daily with a turnover of € 680 mln. To be competitive in the age of agile and continuous delivery, websites must deliver robust applications with compelling, intuitive user experiences—especially at scale.

This webinar describes the history of automated testing at bol.com. How the 35 scrum teams have progressed in continuously testing the organization’s website. We elaborate on the testing challenges and how they were overcome.

Speaker Profile
Viktor Clerc, Business Unit Manager Quality and Test Automation at Xebia, vclerc@xebia.com