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When: March 23 2017, 16.00. 
Where: Xebia Headquarters, Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB, Hilversum

This event already happened. Want to hear about future events on agile transformation and test automation? Submit the form and stay up to date! 

Featuring the real-world case of Quby, producer of Toon®

Of course by now you’ve gone agile, but what if your organization isn’t profiting yet? Are you really launching your products and services into the market faster? Will these products guarantee growth in sales and revenue? How about a renewed sense of entrepreneurship - are you feeling it on the work floor?

Are you sure you’re creating the right products? Maybe you’re testing products your customers aren’t waiting for. Research shows that agile and testing are inseparable linked. And they should be!  Successful product innovation can only be delivered when the best new features are delivered constantly and lessons are learned through real-world use. What are the key components of a profitable transformation? And what role do product owners play?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the real-world case of Quby, the producer of Toon®.

Key takeaways:

- Why agile and testing are inextricably linked
- Benefits for management and organization
- How to transform a "builder” product owner to a "strategic" product owner
- Practical tips for instant use

Jorrit van der Laan, Development Manager of Quby, shares real-life case about successful product creation, lessons learned, challenges and pitfalls

Chris Lukassen, Xebia Consultant and author of The Product Samurai, explains agile product management, its application in organizations and benefits for product development  

Viktor Clerc, Business Unit Manager Quality and Test Automation at Xebia will discuss shortening time-to-market; tools and techniques to accelerate feedback and make the product owner's life much easier, including practical starting points for improvement.

This session is for senior management, IT management, development managers, innovation managers, marketing and product managers - basically everyone who wants to innovate faster and implement disruptive competition as a growth strategy.


16.00: Welcome
16.30: Introduction
16.40: Successful product creation by Jorrit van der Laan of Quby
17.40: Network dinner in Grand Café
18.45: Agile Product Management by Chris Lukassen
19.30: Shortening time-to-market by Viktor Clerc
20.15: Drinks & Networking in Grand Café

Seats are limited to 20. Meet your peers, share knowledge and get inspired!
This session is in Dutch.