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Tech Leaders Intel


Insightful tips from experienced technology executives.

If you're looking for a power-packed dose of inspiration and knowledge, you've come to the right place!

Get ready to be inspired and motivated!

Tech Leaders Intel is the ultimate podcast where we dive deep into the exciting world of technology, leadership, and industry challenges. We bring you winning strategies and expert insights from top-notch tech executives that will take your company to new heights of success!

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Our Guests

David Ives

David Ives

CTO at Restrata
Restrata1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Graham Haythornthwaite

Graham Haythornthwaite

Vice President Of Engineering at Wonde
wonde 1,5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Eoin Fleming

Eoin Fleming

CIO of Carne Group
carne1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
David Maidment

David Maidment

Head of Engineering at Myos
Myos1x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Ravneeth Shah new

Ravneet Shah

CTO at Allica Bank
Allica Bank1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Juan Gutierrez Plaza new

Juan Gutierrez Plaza

VP of Engineering for Scoro
Scoro1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Imran Arshed

Imran Arshed

CTO at Plum Guide
Plum Guide2x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Andrei Nita

Andrei Nita

Director of Data and Analytics at
Bulider.ai1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Torbjörn Andersson

Torbjörn Andersson

Chief Information Security Officer at Medius
medius1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Victoria Bukta

Victoria Bukta

Data Engineering Manager at Shopify
shopify1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Dennis Teichmann

Dennis Teichmann

CEO at jacando
jacando1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Paolo Negri

Paolo Negri

CTO at Contentful
contentful1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Primoz Fonda

Primoz Fonda

VP of DevOps at SumUp
sumup2x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Denis Tonge

Dave Tonge

CTO of MoneyHub
moneyhub1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Neil Andrew

Neil Andrew

CEO at Lunio
Lunio1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Didier Caroff

Didier Caroff

VP Engineering at Akeneo
akeneo1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Joe Pettersson

Joe Pettersson

CTO at Banked
Banked1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Nuno Veloso

Nuno Veloso

Head of Engineering at FARFETCH
Farfetch@1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Lee Williamson

Lee Williamson

Chief Information Security Officer at EIP
eip1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Nikolaus Sühr

Nikolaus Sühr

kasko1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Piotr Tomaszewski

Piotr Tomaszewski

Design Manager at Taxfix
taxfix1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Ben Davis

Ben Davis

Head of Web3 at Superscript
superscript1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Silke Kanes

Silke Kanes

Chief Product Officer of Scopevisio AG
scopevisio1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Anna Peeck

Anna Peeck

Senior Manager at
Aviv Group
aviv1.5x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Shantanu Lodh

Shantanu Lodh

Director of Data Platforms at Shawbrook Bank
shawbrook2x LinkedIn Icon Circle
Simon Prior Easy Jet

Simon Prior

Head of Quality Engineering at easyJet
easyJet logo LinkedIn Icon Circle

Merlin Beyts

Head of Content at ITC DIA
ITC Digital Insurance Agenda logo LinkedIn Icon Circle
Ben Upcroft (OXA)

Ben Upcroft

VP of Technology at OXA
Oxa_Logo_201X41 LinkedIn Icon Circle
Daniele Forni - HSBC

Daniele Forni

Director Credit Insights & Intelligence at HSBC
HSBC LinkedIn Icon Circle
Rosina Smith - MIS

Rosina Smith

Chief Product Officer at McKenzie Intelligence Services
McKenzie Intelligence Services - Logo LinkedIn Icon Circle

Carolina Restrepo

Products, Technology & Innovation Lead at Vanderlande
201x41 left aligned LinkedIn Icon Circle
Nicholas 'Nik' Bobb - The Data Lab

Nicholas Bobb

Trustee of The Data Lab
The Data Lab LinkedIn Icon Circle
Mark O'Brien - Leeds Building Society

Mark O'Brien

Senior Platform Manager at Leeds Building Society
Leeds Building Society LinkedIn Icon Circle
Kiran Padavala

Kiran Padavala

Head of Data and Revenue Management
LinkedIn Icon Circle
Timm Neu Volkswagen

Timm Neu

Team Lead and Legal Tech Product Owner
LinkedIn Icon Circle
Stephen Marjot NatWest

Stephen Marjot

Head of Change Centre of Excellence at NatWest
NatWest-logo LinkedIn Icon Circle

Our Hosts


Nick Goodwin

SDR Manager and a member of the Xebia UK Growth team, Nick has partnered with numerous tech teams over the years, from FTSE100 companies to mid-market PE-backed organisations. Outside of work, you might catch Nick cheering at a cricket match or embracing outdoor sports, be it winter, rain, or shine.




Duncan Saunders

Duncan engages Xebia digital teams to partner with his clients to help accelerate their digital roadmaps.  The teams do this by using the pragmatic application of the latest technology and thinking to address technical debt, modernise technology and mature the customers' digital capability.


Lewis Bicknell - Tech Leaders Intel Podcast Host

Lewis Bicknell

Lewis turned his passion into a career, specialising in software development after his Computer Science degree. Now, he leverages his expertise, working with BFSI companies. When he's not diving into the world of finance, you'll find him cheering on Arsenal, dreaming of their league victory. 



John Cheng

John has worked across broad sectors implementing SaaS Solutions, Custom Software, Transformation and Building Offshore teams for Enterprise Organisations. John currently helps Xebia's Low Code customers to accelerate their automation and transformation. 


The Process

Our collaboration is simple: we identify the best topic, prepare comprehensively for the interview, and ensure the publication is only released with your nod of approval.

(15-30 min - optional)

Nail the topic, find the way to present you in the best possible light.

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Questions & intro
(2 min)

We’ll email you questions & how we’ll introduce you so you can review and prepare.

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The main interview
(1,5 - 2h)

This is the main interview. We record both video and audio (or only audio if you prefer).

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We’ll email you the podcast description.

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Episode goes live
(15-30 min - optional)

We’ll publish the podcast on LinkedIn, and all the major platforms and email you when it’s live. We would also appreciate your help in re posting of interview.

2 weeks

Tech Leaders Intel FAQ

Our focus is on producing the best quality content. We make sure each episode is both informative and reflective of our guests' personal opinions. Need to know more? We're here to help!

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