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Hybrid Working

Hybrid work stands for flexibility - and we are all for that! There are just a few things every one of us needs to keep in mind moving forward.

 "Our goal is to offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual preferences while balancing business needs and ensuring we can continue to carry out our values."

"Work where and when you are most productive."

The hybrid working guidelines Xebia has established:

  • Working at our office or the client's office every day of the week is no longer the norm. Instead, we invite you all to create the right balance between our office, the client's office, and your home office. Your BUM can help create a fitting schedule.
  • This way of working will take all of us some getting used to again. Be transparent and communicate with your BUM. They will, in turn, share their expectations. If at any time an event demands your presence, we ask you to be flexible.  
  • We are doing our best to reach hybrid working agreements with our clients that will allow you to continue to work remotely. However, we cannot guarantee a fixed number of work-from-home days.
  • We trust that you're able to assess when it's important to attend a meeting, training, or event in person. Just so you know, your presence at XKEs, Innovation Days, and other social events is highly appreciated!
  • Should you, for any reason, need to work remotely for a more extended period, please contact your BUM in advance and make sure that this will not negatively impact the client or the team.