Structure your organization for tomorrow

We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. In this dynamic session, Roel Trienekens and Just Meddens take you through the evolving work journey and provide new rules for survival. How will your organization adapt to the increased access to free knowledge, global collaboration, and robotization in the workforce? Learn not only to spot impacting trends but also how to confront the challenges they bring with them.  Gain a fresh perspective and practical knowledge you can add to your future-fit toolkit.

Roel Trienekens & Just Meddens

Roel Trienekens and Just Meddens are change agents who help organizations transform into future-proof companies. They cost-host the podcast, “De Toekomst van Organisaties” (The Future of Organizations) where they discuss how the world of work is changing and way companies can adapt.


+316 23 24 3013

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