Stop Copy-Paste Agility; Start Agile Problem-Solving

Is your agile “copy-paste” or “problem-solving-specific?” For many years, companies have implemented the Agile best practices that have worked for other companies, without assessing whether these practices will work for their business. Copy-paste can be a fantastic first step in your agile journey, but if you only imitate, you’ll never truly innovate. Come see what it takes to solve your own companies’ problems—the Agile way. In this session, Daniel Burm breaks down the critical points you need to know to ensure your business can become genuinely Agile, now and down the road.

Daniel Burm

Daniel Burm is lead consultant in agile transformations and expert in organizational change and business agility. He specializes in helping mature Agile organizations reach the next level. His passion is to engage people in fixing real organizational problems through a human-centered approach.


+316 23 24 3013

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