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Site Reliability Engineers are often tasked with realizing change inside the organization. This change can be on a technical level, for instance implementing new technologies. More often, it involves process changes or cultural changes.  

Change is hard. During the first part of the masterclass, we will take a deep-dive into organizational culture and ways to change it. The second part focuses on your role in the transformation you want to realize and how you can guide the process effectively without losing your authenticity. 


What will you learn? 

During this one-day masterclass, you will learn about the characteristics of organizational culture and different ways to change that culture. We will provide you with the skill-set to effectively change individuals, teams, and even the entire organization without losing your authenticity. 

Sustainable Online Workspace

Xebia's online SRE Masterclass is given in a fully virtual environment. You will not only enhance your SRE skills and experience but will also learn to navigate in an online workspace. We use Miro to facilitate visual knowledge transfer and intensive group interaction.

After the Masterclass, your online workspace will remain. It will be the basecamp for your SRE journey. You can also refer to the online resources of the Masterclass anytime. We invite you to build your tailored SRE workspace!

Experienced SRE Consultants

Our SRE Consultants have a lot of field experience. They already have successfully implemented SRE within different organizations, so you can lift your expertise with their knowledge and tactics.

The SRE workshops are part of Xebia's SRE Consulting & training portfolio.