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Build a Reliability Strategy That Drives Your Bottomline

Improve business performance through reliability

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Maximise business value without worrying about an underperforming 

Downtime costs money, reputation, and ultimately customers. However, software systems are inherently unpredictable and will always fail at some point. So, what do you do?

As hard as we try, digital systems cannot be 100% reliable.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is not achieving extreme reliability but rather managing risks - figuring out the appropriate level of tolerance for the services we run as we grow. This can only be achieved when we acknowledge SRE's crucial role in delivering business value. 

Xebia's SRE Experts walks you through:

  • Why you need a Reliability strategy
  • How do you align SRE Practices with Business Performance using meaningful metrics
  • The building blocks of creating a solid Reliability strategy

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