Improving Software Development Skills with Training

Knowledge is power. And in IT, having the right - and latest - skills is the only way to stand out. As software development experts, we love to share what we know! Are you inquisitive, eager to learn, and not a great fan of boring textbooks? Then we are a great match! Our training courses are interactive, hands-on, and practice-oriented.

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In-house training & public workshops

- educating individuals and teams

We offer open enrollment workshops and training for software development professionals at all levels. Want to train your team on a specific topic? Or raise the knowledge level of a group of people quickly? We also deliver in-house learning programs that are always tailored to your needs.

  • Train individually or as a team to learn working with new technologies
  • Deepen knowledge in your organization on specific technologies
  • Train as a team/organization or attend public workshops by yourself

Foundation Level Training

- learning new skills

Our foundation training courses serve as an introduction. Are you not familiar with a language yet, but would you like to get working with it as soon as possible? These courses enable you to do so!

Professional-Level Training

- improving your skills

Our professional training is primarily for people with more experience who want to strengthen their skills through training with an expert.

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  • Urs Peter
    Urs Peter

    Kotlin Training - Certified

  • Bart den Hollander
    Bart den Hollander

    React Expert

  • Ruben Oostinga
    Ruben Oostinga

    Frontend Expert

  • Léon Rodenburg
    Léon Rodenburg

    Alibaba Cloud MVP & Multicloud Expert

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  • Joseph Gouriye
    Joseph Gouriye
    Business Unit Manager